Monday Rant: My life is soooo Modern Family

This must be said—My life IS like Modern Family.  

 Modern Family/ abc

Now, I know, many of you feel that way, but seriously…I have a gay relative (who doesn’t?), my biological dad re-married someone a third of his age and had a kid (didn’t yours?), I am f#@$ing uptight like Claire, and you all know my younger son is up to Luke-style trouble.  So, there you have it.  My life is one big episode of Modern Family.


The thing about Modern Family is this: It is so funny to watch until it really happens to you.  I don’t know one person who doesn’t love it.  I often catch my kids watching it and cracking up—more than likely because the scene so closely resembles an actual something in our own life.


Yesterday was full of Modern Family moments for me.  First off, the rain putting a stop to my anticipated long Sunday run (cue Claire and all of her running antics).  Aww, boo-hoo for me, I know.  It was just one of those days of the house in full swing.  The dishwasher was run THREE times, I baked, I cooked, they ate, they didn’t clean up…..There were activities and driving and some more driving.


In the middle of this, I made a peace offering to a relative I had not seen a while.  I tried to get to the laundry….didn’t make it to the grocery store, but I did enforce homework and book reports.


Pretty mundane and boring up until this point, yet on TV when Claire’s kitchen is imploding and kids are in and out making ridiculous requests and Phil is up to something or nothing, we laugh, cackle, cry.  My kitchen was less than humorous yesterday when THEY announced, “WHEN is DINNER?”


….Back to cooking, cleaning….I went.


It was not until 9:15 p.m., when things took a more exciting turn (for the worse).  My car was towed.  TOWED on a Sunday night….apparently, my city – Pittsburgh – likes to pay time and a half to have work done on a Sunday night in the pouring rain and 20-mile-an-hour winds…and they expect you to be able to see the NO PARKING sign in the pouring rain and dark, too.  On a Sunday night (the ramble was intentional).


Well, I came out of basketball to no car, and my first thought was I was getting early-onset Alzheimer’s and could not recall where I parked.  In reality, my car was being towed and winched (what the hell in winching? — “hoist or haul with a winch” — what the hell is a winch?  I don’t know, but it is an extra fee).


Luckily, I got a ride from the coach – duh – who then had to take my (unbelievably supportive) husband to get the car out of the pound.  


In presenting the situation, I stated, “I refuse to get upset about this.  On Modern Family,  it would be funny….so funny, and Claire and Phil would be in their little dialogue box laughing at each other over the hilarious-ness of the scenario.  That is what I am going to do...”


…..Today, brought another episode with the clocks having gone out in the storm (that those poor workers had to work in last night) and our alarms did not go off….. 


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  • Haralee November 18, 2013, 10:04 PM

    You got to keep the humor or some one will go to jail!

  • Jenny from the blog November 18, 2013, 11:02 PM

    In the future I suggest you make winching sound really sexy when your hubby starts to fight and see where it gets you. Worst case scenario — an episode of Three’s Company.


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