Look, there I am, there you are in The HerStories Project

her stories project featuring Rachel Blaufeld

~Ironic that I started my morning with a conversation surrounding a ladies-only spa getaway and was it even possible on the day of The Her Stories Project launch….or,

NOT. You decide.


The Her Stories Project  is a collection of stories from female authors on friendship and what it means to them, how lonely life would be without those relationships, and mostly—how to keep them going once we embark on marriage, families, career and more.  I am honored to be among the writers included in the book.  Actually, beyond honored.


When the editors, Jessica and Stephanie, first contacted me to be a part of a group of authors being featured, I was literally speechless.  That does not happen often.  I could not string the words together to even tell my family about this…


My fingers had been trailblazing my keyboard for what seemed like forever, trying to make sense of Work/Family/Life Balance, one of life’s biggest mysteries, and now I was going to be a part of something much bigger than me on this exact subject. Wait, there are others who feel the same way? Women who were looking for an extra hour or two in their day to maintain, grow friendships in addition to their ever-growing families.  


The Her Stories Project gathers anecdotes and evidence of how crucial and vital friendship is to many women—in many different ways.  You may see yourself in any number of the stories on the pages of the book.  My personal story—based on missing out on memory making connections with friends to pursue a career goal, struck a cord with the editors.  My need to have friends was warring against my desire to meet new career expectations for a while, and in the end, I needed to learn to make more time, change things up a bit, alter my schedule to make it all work as best I could.  My friends were going to be there no matter what, and they were.  That’s right!


You can read more about it on page 159 because that’s little, old me in a BOOK!


You can grab the book right here –

I have to say, I share some seriously good company on these pages, and most important, you will feel redeemed in your thoughts and angst, rejuvenated with your pursuits as you take in the stories. You are not alone in your pursuit to keep friendships going, ladies….  


Thank you Jessica, Stephanie and all the other writers who put their words out there every day making the ache of trying to get a little bite of the whole pie easier.

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