FIVE groovalicious must-haves for the Mom of the Bar-Mitzvah Boy

This past weekend, my oldest son celebrated his Bar-Mitzvah, a right of passage in the Jewish religion marking him as a man.  I have only written about the planning process sparingly as this was HIS event.  I did not want to tarnish my son’s day with it being all about me and my blog and obvious anxiety over no one leaving the party hungry.  If there was one part, I was not anxious about—it was my son.  I knew he was going to rock it, and he did….


As I shared my remarks with JB in temple and I said, 

…Over the years, you have taken the role of first-born very seriously when it comes to Dad and me.  As our first born, you taught us many things.  How to survive on no sleep, stay in shape while chasing a toddler around, to laugh and smile every day – your smile as a little boy was infectious.

As I watched you on the bima this morning, marking yet another first for you, dad and me, today is no exception—This is a first I will never forget.  Our first bar-mitzvah, your first day as a man.

With this idea, I realized that you are about to embark on many firsts. Dad and I are confident you will tackle each one head on…Despite the fact that I will want to give you advice every step of the way, I am certain you are ready to face challenges on your own.


…It became obvious to me that he was going to be retired from this blog.   While I can appreciate he is not old enough to drive, vote, or drink, he is a “man” now.  He owns his own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, and while I may still have many challenges while parenting him, they do not belong here.He earned his independence this past weekend, and I will grant him that.  More than likely, he will start his own blog, and I look forward to reading it…


Until then, going back to my roots, since this a blog for fabulous, groovy moms, I did compile a list of groovalicious must-haves for Moms of the Bar-Mitzvah Boy to keep handy:


Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproof Top Coat

Cry all you want –


1.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Top Coat – We all have our own brand of mascara which we are loyal to, and now, we do not have to change. Just swipe this topcoat over your lashes and poof – let the tears flow.


2.  Friends – We all have them and they all ask to “do something.”  Our natural response it to tell them that we do not need anything—“just come and enjoy.” Let them take you out to lunch on the Friday before because it may be the last time you eat all weekend!  Grab some girl time getting manis or party-hairstyles together.  If anything, you will relax, have fun, and lose yourself in the moment, allowing the stress to melt away.



3.  A second pair of shoes – You have spent the last however many months begging your child to practice his Torah and speech, telling him to slow down, NOW you deserve to dance.  Let’s be honest, we never pick out comfortable shoes to match our outfit.  Bring a second pair of shoes that you can boogie down in…


Air Force "Mom's"

Air Force “Mom’s”


4.  Joy to the Girls by Too Faced – If you are like me and want to do your own makeup, this is a sensational value (look at me, a bargain shopper!).  Seriously, a bajillion colors to play with – do that in advance – for not a million bucks.



 5.  Pajamas disguised as leggings – Simply because that is all you will be able to manage to wear on the day after when you can barely drag yourself out of bed. 

J. Crew knit leggings


…I know I started out serious in this post, and JB did awesome and I could not be prouder of his manhood, but I also take #2 on this list very seriously.  Thanks to all my family and friends who made this weekend THE BOMB, eased my nerves, and toasted with me when it was over – R

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  • Haralee December 9, 2013, 7:56 PM

    Mazol Tov!
    OPI polish is the best. The names are too funny.

  • Jenny from Mommin' It Up December 9, 2013, 9:46 PM

    Congrats to Jackson! And I need that mascara topcoat!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted..Slice = online shopping organized {+ iPad Mini giveaway!}My Profile

    • Rachel Blaufeld December 10, 2013, 8:37 AM

      it is pretty awesome – the top coat – that is

  • Gretchen December 10, 2013, 3:59 PM

    I love AirForce Moms!!! HAHA

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