Happy 2014! Your kidding? – Life is not always a big party…

Just this morning, my younger son, who is real funny (most of the time), says to me, “OH , mom…Are you too busy with your blogging?”  He was making a joke, trying to laugh with me over how absolutely overwhelmed I had been around deadlines.  Typically, my frenzy is a case of taking on too much, allowing my perfectionist tendencies take over, and just plain, Jewish Guilt placed on everything I touch.


Nonetheless, his words today pushed a button or two in me because I have been neglecting BacknGrooveMom in 2014…So, like an idiot, I answered him with, “Well, you know what?  I have not even blogged since before winter break…” (na, na, boo, boo).


At this, both of my kids were laughing.  LAUGHING!  Not with me, but at me, because even they get how crazy I make myself.


I mean at the moment this happened, I was running around the kitchen looking for a mint to put in my almost always hysterically funny son’s lunchbox to eat after his tuna (with dried cranberries) salad because I am that CRAZY.


To be honest, not writing over at BacknGrooveMom has been somewhat deliberate.  I had some other goals and deadlines for myself, and was set on meeting them.  That is the thing about being self-employed, no matter what you do–whether it be sales, something creative in nature, or medical transcription, it does not matter what is, what really counts is setting goals.


With the closing of 2013, winter break was looming.  There were special times to be had, like vacation to a more tropical climate and New Year’s Day dinner with family.  I am not going to lie, there were also days on the horizon that I knew would be a pain in the ass.  They would be filled with shlepping around and being a full-time mom when school was out while still trying to meet deadlines…


Deadlines that I set for myself.  Yes, I know for myself.


Deadlines, which were further interrupted  by the polar vortex. 


Deadlines that I set for myself.  Yes, I know for myself.


So, if I set these deadlines and measurable goals for myself, why couldn’t I change them?


BINGO-just move my expectations…it is that easy.


Except, as soon as you start changing deadlines, altering goals, you go down the path of wanting to do that all the time.  That is not how I wanted to start 2014, and I didn’t.


All this being said, please don’t think that I am high and mighty and better than anyone else.  I have my shortcomings, and over the last few weeks, my priorities had to shift to accommodate my goal to finish my latest creative project…Leaving BacknGrooveMom to suffer.


As I put my manuscript to rest last night, ROUGH draft number one complete and ready to start with revisions next week, just as I wanted…I breathed a sigh of relief.  Thinking I could indulge in a bit (or a lot) of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, I smiled to myself.


 Friday Night Lights


I reached my deadline.  Time to party.  OK, maybe not, Rachel, because BacknGrooveMom is waiting.  Waiting patiently to be updated. 


Updated on what?  My anal-perfection tendencies to set deadlines?


Well, yes because there is a lesson there.  You have to set deadlines, make goals, and have a plan when you are a self-starter, new business owner, author, freelancer.   Often reinvention–moving from one groove to another–requires self-starting, so, yes, deadlines are good.  VERY good in 2014.


My friend, Mark, is celebrating his blogiversary today.  One year as a blog writer, and he credits me as telling him to write one, make it be his legacy, his landing page.  I probably said that because as much as I hate to pat myself on the back…This blog is my landing page, no matter what I do.  It is a record, journal, something that no one can take away of my adventure, reinvention, and the hard work involved.


Whether one person reads it or a million, I don’t care.  For me, I just hope my funny kids will look back one day, and instead of just laughing will be proud of something, one little thing, a single accomplishment of mine.


I am sorry for being MIA, but that is just what I was doing, I was in action.


To be in action, you have to be moving forward with goals, so I did that and will continue to do so along with you.

Happy 2014.

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  • Haralee January 9, 2014, 9:39 PM

    Happy New Year. Glad you are back!

  • The Funster January 12, 2014, 5:49 PM

    The great thing about the New Year is that it’s like a clean slate and what you didn’t accomplish in 2013 you can accomplish in 2014. I’m sure you learned a lot about what worked last year and what didn’t! Very nice post, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight!
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