Introducing the Daily Convo.

It could be I was a momentary genius or punch-drunk tired, but either way, I had the most ahhhmazing idea last night as I wrote this.


I will admit, I’ve been up for somewhere around 36 hours (publishing this) so this idea could come back to bite me or resurrect all my hysterically funny humor writing here at Back’nGrooveMom where I like to poke fun at mostly myself (and my mom) and well, moms in general. It makes the whole work/life/family balance or lack thereof easier to take.


Which brings me full circle to my fabulous idea. [Two days ago], I enlightened you to one of the funnier convo’s between my mom and me only to have yet an even funnier one today. AND, poof, an idea forms in my head. I need a daily column: the Daily Convo. (with my mom).


The Daily Convo. with BacknGrooveMom, Rachel Blaufeld


I say this beaming with pride as Selena Gomez plays in my office. Right, Selena. Which may or may not be a clue as to whether I am sane at the moment, but I’m running with it.

AND, then my ideas start flowing even more fervently because I have a stupid texting convo. with the husband and I just KNOW I must start the Daily Convo.


HB: U r blowing up!! (read between the lines: he wants to get lucky)

RB: Only made like $2, don’t get too excited.

HB: that Shit is Hot (my book, not me).

RB: Oh, wait I made $3 at Barnes and Noble (you’re right)

See you tomoro for the Daily Convo. I’m sure I will reveal the latest with my mom or perhaps YOU.


After a half night’s sleep, I still think this is a good idea. We will see after a full night.



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