Together, we are strong [a public service message for women {fill in the blank}]

Sometimes, you just got to go back to your roots––the place where it all started, where you became who you are, find the stuff that molded you to be the way you are. These times that often call for you to head back to the basics, think long and hard about why you do what you do and how to do it better are usually the rough spots, the tough patches, or difficult times. It doesn’t matter if it is difficult mentally, financially, or emotionally…just go back to do doing what you do best. The basics.


I know, I’m speaking in circles, but over the last few days, I was reminded of this lesson. Steeped in stress like a tea bag in hot water on a cold winter’s day, I had to think back to when I essentially became who I am today. Full-time mom, wife/devoted partner, author, inventor, writer, dog-owner, daughter, cousin, friend. All of those pieces make up my pie dripping with flavor and peaches.

I have spent the better part of the last six weeks thinking that I don’t do a damn thing right. Yep, that’s right. My wheels were spinning on marketing my book, trying to find out when my product will eventually launch its test run in a major retailer, and honest-to-god, how the hell to keep it all together over the summer. I put on a smile daily, but inside I was like a timid, little, freaking out mouse, and as I sat in my robe ALL DAY last Monday and pounded the keyboard, writing my second novel, my mind wandered.


I was transported to 2010 and 2011 when I was new to writing, when I pitched small business sites to take a risk on me, my story, and the lyrics I wanted to weave about the whole experience of inventing a product, starting a business, and doing it while raising kids. I started pouring my heart out here on Back’nGrooveMom, and I networked/connected/reached out.


I did this networking with a vengeance, working my not-so-little tushie off trying to pay it forward, helping others, allowing myself to ask them for help back. It was a humbling process back then to admit I was small potatoes, a small fish in a small pond, a nobody. But, there were a lot of other little nobodies out there, and together we made a somebody. We were all starting new ventures and as single entities we created nothing; together we were a force to be reckoned with.


Through one another’s guidance and support and never-ending business love, we all grew. I know I did––and it was a direct result of those other women––


Which made launching a book and going back to being the little guy tough. I was a nobody, a nothing, the tiniest fish in the sea, and I was treading and swimming back to shore aimlessly [in my robe].


Then, I remembered that fish swim as a school, and I donned my proverbial goggles and started looking around for the other fish in my grade, and reached out. We were all little fishies, but as a collective, we could be a shark, or at least a dolphin or a tuna. Just like that, I felt better, slipped out of my robe into my writing leggings and started going to town on my next book with my crew at my back [and me at their back].


Back to the basics, which was connecting for me.


How about you? What makes you tick? Your basics?

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  • Haralee June 17, 2014, 6:35 PM

    Sometimes we have to sit back and reflect how far we have come!
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