Summer’s Daily Convo:

For the last two days, I have been entertaining annoying my personal friends on The FB with what I consider to be fairly hilarious emails from Pinterest. You know that place where you start looking at pictures of what you imagine your life would look like if you just had 30+ more hours in a day, AND a full staff of people to arrange flowers, clean up your kitchen, and fold your laundry in a picture perfect way before placing it on outstanding, handcrafted shelves they made for you.


pinterest suggests wearing bangs


Well, apparently, Pinterest has a fairly wide-reaching algorithm and has been sending me some funny suggestions for subjects I may want to peruse and pin. Like, Stitching and Wearing Bangs–bang, bang!


Let me say this: I am so crafty that if I started to knit or stitch, I would all of a sudden be sporting bangs thanks to a needle gone wild.


So, last night, I may have been killing a wee-bit of time at basketball, conversing via email with a friend about lighting because after all, my good old friend pinterest thinks I may need to update some of my lighting.



pinterest suggest lighting



Me: FWD- Today’s suggestion. FYI.

Friend: Well, we are working on the house and you’re planning to work on yours. 

Me: Its sad, but now I wait to see what they send.

Friend: I agree. I want some crazy ones, learn dead languages, potty train your 3 month old, raising fire ants.

Me: what about? Plan a funeral, Remove lice, Make pottery. Useful stuff

Friend: Oh, this could be a drinking game.


**Not one you play with coffee, either.


The Daily Convo. with BacknGrooveMom, Rachel Blaufeld


NOW, they do get it right every now again, dear old pinn-y.


pinterest suggests running


And, if you ask me…Amazon, really gets it right! click here –pinterest suggests lighting

pinterest suggests lighting

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