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Words of Wisdom - #women

I’m a competitive person. Extremely. Just ask my friend Erica, who I run with, and she will tell you that I am borderline nuts. Week in and week out, I push myself around the track, sore hips and feet and all, yelling, “How fast was that?” while cheering Erica forward. Then, when the workout is finally over and we get to my favorite part – coffee – I ask Erica about her business. She’s TEN years younger than me and an amazing biz owner –no bullshit.. .I’m not jealous or envious, but super proud because she is doing what she wants to do and doing it up BIG.


There – right there – is the clincher! While I am competitive with and for myself to be the best that I can be, I am competitive FOR Erica NOT WITH her. That’s the part I want to concentrate on.



I think as moms, women in general, people, part of the human race, we put all this pressure to be better than so-and-so, when we really need to just be the best we personally can be.


And, by best, I mean including all the screw-ups because it is from our mistakes that we learn to stiffen our own competition.



I don’t need to write another blog post on how we rip each other apart as women, working women, SAHM’s, work at home ladies, career gals, wives, moms, lovers, sisters, aunts, or whatever role you are currently assuming.



Just worry about yourself. And, cheer everyone else on to the finish line.

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  • Hank McKinsey August 18, 2014, 5:21 PM

    You’re right, Rachel. Far too often are we concerned with how we stack up to someone else that we forget that it isn’t about them, it’s about us. I like to think of life like a game of golf….the only thing that matters is how well *I* do.


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