Back with a FEW Public Service Messages #worklifebalanceisBS

*Waves “Hi” and ducks head in shame.

It has been so long since I have last written over here––I’m actually so embarrassed. But I’ve been super busy. Shhh, I know, I know. I hate the busy trap.

Okay, so maybe not so busy, but simply preoccupied with typing and typing. Books, edits and promo columns for my upcoming new release. But I felt compelled to pop in over here today.

I think it must have been a culmination of various things.

Reset your goals by Rachel Blaufeld

First, the weather has been God-awful. We continue to get slammed with two-hour and one-hour delays since going back to school from winter break. I used to think what an effing pain weather delays and cancellations were––to the point that I complained endlessly and ruthlessly about them. That’s when I thought I was super busy.

I actually wasn’t. Because now I am spoke for every second of every day, and I am managing delays and cancellations.


Public Service Message: Delays and cancellations are much better as your kids get older. They make their own breakfasts and entertain themselves. And if all else fails, you can put them to work.


Second, my older son took an honorable mention in the science fair at his school. Another, I know, I know.  I said about a year ago, I was finished talking about him as he was a man now according to Jewish law. Well, clearly I lied because today I had to go take his picture next to his ribbon [no, I may not share it. I’m smarter than that.] and I felt compelled to discuss this happening.

For sure, by now, you know he is an athlete. Our lives revolve around all things athletic. My morning begins with ten minutes of SportsCenter just so I can converse with my own son. That being said, stop picturing a dumb jock in your head because he is a student too. He likes school, does well when he wants to, and only requires minimal pushing to do his homework. He’s a teen.

But, I didn’t really know he was a scientist. And in reality, he is just a teen who took his time with his project, making it look neat [or like a girl did it. Yes, I said that.] and taking the time to balance out his activities and time in order to get all this done. And I’m super proud of him

Why? Because he went out of the box, proving to himself foremost he is a multifaceted creature in his interests and capable of setting goals. Which also plays into my first message about being sooooo busy and not having time. Blah, Blah.

He said NO when needed. “No, I can’t be social now because I have to work.” AND “No, I can’t text right now because I have a project.”


Public Service Message #2: There is power in the word NO. We just don’t have to incorporate the word busy with it. No is no, and it is our friend when we have goals as parents and working moms.


Guilt wracks me weekly over saying no to lunch invites or not being able to sit on every committee I’m asked to join. But I’m NOT too busy. I just prioritize. And I cannot go to lunch when my book is due to the editor that evening. It’s just the facts.

I guess kids are more forgiving or bounce back more quickly. Although my son said NO multiple times, he still asks and gets asked to do “stuff” and “things.” ~ I feel somewhat dumped most of the time.


The other little nugget in the science fair win is doing something no one knew existed within you. That’s pretty cool, and I’m certain many of you are sitting with little hidden gems of ideas and talents deep within your soul. Uh-oh, I’m getting hokey. But you must do them.


Public Service Message #3: Don’t leave anything uncovered. If you want to do something, try it! If you fail, try again.


And that’s about it for now. If you’re looking for me. I’m still here. DROP me an email or a tweet or STOP by Facebook and visit. RB


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  • Jane January 31, 2015, 7:35 PM

    Thank you. I needed that reminder! Was just thinking today that I must try again. I thought that maybe it was the yoga, or the sun shining with the blue sky. But It’s clear. really need to do that.


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