That Nasty, Dirty Conversation: Work Life Balance

I feel like I start out every post here with “I’m sorry I’ve been missing…” 

I am. Truly. This blog was the place where it all started for me. Finding a new career, sharing the process, and being accountable. Now, six years later,


I am too accountable.


You know the feeling—you’re on vacation, and you can’t let it go.

My good friend texted me…she was stuck in her room making one call after another while her kids were swimming with her husband. Another business friend was panicking over a trip in June and her schedule. I’m sitting in a hotel bed in a dark room checking ads, sales, numbers and writing this post. It’s happened before—working in a dark hotel room.

Work Life Balance

But we’re not in it for just a “little spending money.” Right? I’ve heard that saying so many times, and I cringe EVERY SINGLE TIME. Why would women work for only a little spending money? Aren’t we worth more? Shouldn’t we work for pride? Shouldn’t we work to challenge ourselves? Better ourselves? Be something better?

What about setting an example for our kids? My sons? Their future wives.

This last week, my former high school and the one where my son attends, received a bunch of publicity (for something unrelated to this post), but I was reminded of their motto:




Of course, this had my juices flowing because after all that is what I am all about.

KNOWING, BEING and DOING something (That is why I am screaming in all caps).

If you don’t believe me, what about NIKE?

The coined the phrase JUST DO IT! We see it on T-shirts and hats and shoes and coffee mugs and anywhere we cast our eyes, but are we actually doing it?

So, I toss my guilt away. I’m working a tiny bit while I’m away. It’s better than not going away. It’s all part of being a woman, mom, working gal, and doing something.


Thoughts? I know…you’re going to bash me. 

Take a break. Let it go. Have fun.

I am, but I’m working too.



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