We all need to listen to what we tell our kids.

Like most women (and men), I wear numerous hats throughout every single day.

Yes, the expression is trite and overused, yet so, so true.


I’m a mom, wife/partner, daughter, sort-of-sister all before the crack of dawn. I’m a writer, an author, a consultant, licensed inventor, and a one-woman cheering squad between 9 and 5 (or 6 a.m. and midnight).


After hours, I moonlight as a basketball AND orchestra mom.

hold that thought!

Insert Lightbulb Moment.


The striking notion is this: no matter what role I’m assuming, the bullshit is the same. The romance category, in which I am deeply entrenched, continues to become more crowded. Subsequently, it has turned into a less friendly virtual place to work. Last week, I spent the better part of my week consoling fellow author friends on various scenarios.


It’s not surprising that I’ve seen this same domino effect ripple through blogging, inventing, virtual consulting, and freelancing. It doesn’t matter the industry, we all want to be the top dog, right away—instantly. It doesn’t matter who we step on or trample, we want and FEEL we have a right to GET IT! NOW.


Not me actually. I’ve never run my businesses this way.

I’m not saying it to brag or show-off. I’m being matter-of-fact.


Take for example, what I’ve taught my sons when it comes to their passions. After all, what’s the point of extracurriculars? Yeah, we want to broaden their minds, but more importantly, teach them life lessons.


Basically, I could run my business on what I’ve taught my kids.


IF you only have one note to play, it’s more important than a whole song.


My younger son plays the drums in a gazillion-piece orchestra at a performing arts middle school. Is he talented? Yes. BUT so is every other kid playing along side him in what is the most competitive school in the area. Entry begins with an audition, and every moment following that is an audition of sorts. As a newbie, sixth grade drummer, he was tasked with the crash cymbal in a difficult piece. He only made music for four or five notes of the song, yet if he missed his cue…the entire song went to crap.


I told him so. This was his chance to prove himself. If he messed up, next time he would be relegated to an even smaller part.


What does this mean in life? When tasked with something, do it. Do it as your life depends on it whether it’s the smallest task possible or not. Why? Because life is one grand audition.


Know you’re place in the squad, hold your line.


Your mom or dad probably told you there was no I in Team. Guess what? They were right. There are FIVE people (for one team) on a basketball court at a time. Each one has job. Do it. Do what you’re supposed to do. Don’t do what you think you should be doing or what your teammate is doing. DO YOU.


If you are always trying to usurp someone else in life, you will never “win.”


AND, TOP Billing goes to: STOP talking about your strengths. START looking at where you can improve.


These words were mentioned recently by a coach I admire, and he’s right. Where can you improve? Talk about that. Stop hyping what you did right, and think about where you can make changes.


After all, the sign of a really smart person is someone who can say when they need help.



Bottom line is this, whether you work in a corporation or as a solo-contractor, being part of the larger picture is crucial. Think of the person who is releasing a book the same week as you or joe shmo who writes a column next to you. Seriously.


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  • Haralee April 27, 2016, 4:43 PM

    Why I love this post Rachel, and you, is because you don’t project only wearing your Mom goggles or your Super Woman Cape!


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