Quit your whining. #wordsofwisdom

Come close, everyone, and listen carefully.


Stop your fucking whining.


I’ve been in business for myself for close to a decade, before that I worked as an employee both in and out of the home (that’s right—stay-at-home moms work), and I have never heard as much belly-aching as of late.

The only thing worth whining over these days is the state of affairs in our nation’s capital, and I have too many words to write about that.


But for Pete’s fucking sake, stop whining.




I say it the nicest of ways; I mean it to be helpful.

Just stop.


You’re overworked and underpaid.

You’re tired and too busy.

You gave your kids cereal for dinner.

You’re friend made the USA Today’s Bestsellers List.


It’s enough.


Throughout the last decade and the years before, I’ve had good moments, great times, and weeks and months that felt like I was swimming in the toilet. Sick kids, lousy sales, a deal gone wrong, passed over for assignments, lice—you name it, it happened.


The proof is in the pudding when you take your lemons and make lemonade. So you had lice—you’ve been wanting to steam clean your carpets and wash all the winter coats. Your boss an arrogant prick—the customers like you better. Your co-worker was given an award you’ve been wanting—be happy for them and pick their brain at a later date.


It’s too much complaining and not enough doing. If you have time to say you’re working too hard, then you probably aren’t.


I know all these people want to be all Feng Shui and happy and well-meditated, and believe me, there’s a place for that. But success comes at a big price and only with hard work—you have to work harder and more precisely to fit it all in. Whining only takes away from all that and uses up unnecessary energy.


By success, I mean at home and wherever you work. For me, they are one and the same.


There don’t have to be excuses when it comes to I don’t have time to exercise, meditate, practice yoga, go for a run—that’s your well-being and without it, you also cannot be successful. The excuse is you’re not scheduling it in as part of your very busy week. People laugh, but I tell all my mom entrepreneur clients: mark your exercise down in your calendar as an appointment.


On the same token, there are also no excuses for not achieving goals. Are you writing your goals down? Are your formalizing what you want to do and making a plan to attack your list? More writing down, but in that you’re holding yourself accountable. If you write it down, you can no longer say: I was too busy, etc.


Keep in mind: we all have interruptions. Sick days, snow days, doctor appointments that run long, spouses who need us to do one thing or another, parent-teacher conferences…the list goes on. So, you don’t get to everything on the list. Fuck that too. You’re not perfect.


You’re simply trying. Try forgiving yourself without whining. Oh well, I didn’t commit to memory such-and-such brief or I only wrote 6000 words today instead of 8000. Shit happens, have a glass of wine or a hot cocoa, wake up the next day and tackle it again.


What’s the point about this long POS, other than whining is annoying? It’s not productive.


Okay, I have to get to the next thing on my list (which happens to be a phone conference with a teacher).


p.s. yes I did mark this post as “inspiration.”

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