Announcement of all mom blog announcements – #40ishandfab

I ended the summer at a Surprise Sweet 16 — for a close friend’s daughter.

Not something I get to do on the regular, so I was incredibly honored to be included.

It was a daytime affair, complete with tea & mini-cucumber sandwiches, rompers & sundresses, and snapchatting. Enthusiasm hung heavy around the room. Excitement for summer, a new grade, different experiences, driving, sunbathing, and boys.


I couldn’t help but to sit there and remember my own Sweet 16 complete with pizza, a DJ and lots of shaking our rump to “Doing the Butt, Sexy, Sexy…” YES, in fact, this was a song we used to listen to way back then.


#40ishandfab by Rachel Blaufeld


I’ve been 40 for two years now. That’s 42 for you those of you who are not good at math (MYSELF included). When I started this blog I was closer to 30 than 40, my experiences were different. Take for example, if the school called a SNOW DAY, I was stuck scrambling for care. Now, I have two teenagers who mostly (I say that lightly) fend for themselves. My experiences are mine and theirs are theirs—make sense?


I began to think about being 40 and what it meant.

Reconnecting with me. My body, face and energy levels all changing. Sometimes for the better, often I’m not sure.

Reconnecting with my partner in meaningful ways now that our time is divided between teen stuff and more teen stuff.

Interacting with my friends who are mostly in the same boat.

Mostly, being a mom of two, who is 40+, and thinks that’s okay. Maybe even awesome.


So stay tuned. More to come on being 40ishandfab! 

Think of this as the mom blog column MINUS the mom part.

FOR YOU and me. ONLY.

©Rachel Blaufeld, Backngroovemom, 2017


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