A day in the life –

It’s been one of those types of twenty-four hours.


You know the type where everything seems to come full circle?

th eLion King courtesy of Disney

Yesterday, at approximately this time, I was sitting in my office and working when I received a fascinating email regarding a unique opportunity. Besides disrupting my day, it set the wheels in motion for me to evaluate what has become of my career. I’ve built a blog, grown a freelancing portfolio, been awarded a U.S. Patent, and published nine bestsellers.


I’ve conquered marketing and Facebook ads (the good, the bad, and the very ugly). I’ve created content for myself and others. I’ve survived tax season multiple years in a row. Sadly, I’ve asked several people to leave my team (the worst part of being a business owner).


So, what’s the big fuss? I’m accomplished – yada, yada.


Well, it’s never quite enough. My mom doesn’t quite get this mentality, but supports it.


My kids have spent the greater part of the last decade dealing with my continual motion. I’m always planning and reaching. One day, their wives will thank me.


As usual, I digress, I ended up receiving a late night message from someone regarding women’s empowerment. The conversation continued into early this morning. How do we empower women? In the right way? In a positive way? In a time when the hashtag #metoo is circulating, and it seems that every single woman had a casting couch, sexual harassment story.


Today, my day has been eaten up by administrative duties, and I have a book to write. But I’m writing this.


Why? Because it’s important not to be complacent. Not to act like what we do doesn’t matter.


You know what’s empowering? Being on the front lines of this ^ every day. We matter. Our works matters, and we cannot give up.


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