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With over a decade of household CEO experience under her belt, a real-world degree in listening, motivating & consulting, marketing & retail experience, countless leadership projects, and surviving sheer mad chaos, Rachel Blaufeld founded Back’nGrooveMom to share her thoughts on where raising a family intersects with re-discovering oneself as a woman, mom, writer, entrepreneur [insert whatever your dream is here].
Well, my official bio reads 


Rachel Blaufeld is the Founder and Writer behind the blog, Back’nGrooveMom, on the intersection of family centricity, running a business, and everything in between where NO topic is off limits.  Originally a personal blog detailing her own adventures of inventing a product and starting a business, Rachel discovered she had a wide audience of moms looking for tips and conversation on remaining relevant while growing a family and a business and/or just wanting to find themselves again when kids became school-age.  As a true hybrid between a parenting and a business-savvy blog, Back’nGrooveMom quickly expanded to be included on the pages of The Huffington Post, Modern Mom, Gal Time, Yahoo Shine, and StartupNation.


Rachel started 2013 off with a brand new groove when she licensed her lingerie storage product line.  Rachel is looking forward to the launch while continuing to write on the crossroads of being a mom to preteens and a business owner.


At Back’nGrooveMom, Rachel describes the adventures of raising tweens & teens while reinventing oneself career-wise, tackles making difficult choices in life/work/family, and offers best practices of navigating the universe of social media.


Edited to add:  Late breaking news, Rachel published a fiction book.  


The unofficial scoop – 

I am a marketing major transformed social worker turned Stay-at-Home Mom who got her groove back after a decade.  I jumped back in, created my own opportunity, invented a few bra accessories which I am still PINCHING myself because I licensed them.   I write for all the moms out there who want to reinvent, rebrand themselves as their kids find their own identities.  


The real kicker is that OUR kids quite possibly NEED us more than EVER during this time!


rachel with her family

For all of you – I am a writer, putting my heart on the line.


Beware, I tweet, throw in some Sports Momma Drama, show off what I think are Groovalicious Gotta Gets for the EVER BUSY mom, and I drink a lot of coffee.


Most of the time, I would rather be running or eating a donut.


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