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Look who made a Shift

Rachel Blaufeld running Philadelphia Rock and Roll Half -

I am back at my desk after running my 2nd half marathon yesterday at the Rock and Roll Half in Philadelphia.  It was a fantastic experience despite rocking a wicked head cold.  The day was made even better by having my whole family there to cheer me on (and steal my chocolate milk at the finish line).  As parents, we put a lot of pressure these days on our kids to make goals and strive to reach them.  Win or lose or whatever it may be, we mostly encourage our children to try their very best.  Becoming an endurance runner became a goal of mine around a year and a half ago.  Although it was a goal largely based on staying healthy for me, it also was a way of showing my kids that no matter how old we are, we all need goals.  


Especially when it comes to health.


Health never comes easy.  It is a series of decisions over the course of a lifetime.  Decisions over what to eat, how to exercise, when to drop bad habits, and staying educated on health trends.


I am reminded of when I met Tory Johnson back in 2011.  All the women in my family were big fans of Tory’s at the time, and they were all envious of my meeting HER.  I can tell this story a few years later because I know Tory now, but when I met Tory in person, I was kinda shocked.  There was no mistaking her bright personality, gorgeous smile, and her excitement over helping other women in business, but she did not seem so healthy.  We were at a conference in California and I was convinced that I WAS GOING to have some extra time with Tory when I ran into her in the hotel gym in the early morning hours.  Nope.  No Tory in the gym.  Plus, we had sandwiches and chips for lunch?!?!?!? 


Well, it wasn’t my place to say anything. [click to continue…]


Men are from a better planet?

So, I happen to notice we are making some of the craziest offers around my house lately.  

 toilet paper/funny jokes with boys

Take for example:


‘There is $5 fine if you pee with the seat down and get pee on the seat.’ 


‘Ok, we accept that, but if we pay the fine, we don’t have to clean the seat then – right?’


Cue extreme laughter from everyone except me! [click to continue…]


Rachel Reads A Lot.

I am a BIG reader.  Just thought I would give you the heads up in case you did not know.  


I read a bit of everything from non-fiction to romance and each category in between, so I thought that I would share more of my picks here.  Duh.  


Really what got me started was a guest post I did over at Smart Bitches Trashy Books.  I got the bug, so to speak.  Just a tiny disclaimer, I have no intention of starting a total book review blog and taking biz away from some of the book reviewers I hold near and dear.  Just instead of emailing recs around, I can share them here on my convenient and nifty Groovy Reads page.  Groovy?


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It is Monday, boys are back to school, and I am BACK.   Back at my desk.  Back to routine, planning, and organizing.  OMG, I love that feeling.  Love.


The last two weeks have been kind of cool, though.  I took two weeks off of here to refresh and get ‘back in the groove‘ so to speak.  It was really nice.  Ok, better than nice.  Fabulous.


Just some time to be with family, friends, live life in the moment.


These moments….


Finally, The Sleepover Camp Bus Returns Home

Finally, The Sleepover Camp Bus Returns Home

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Tug of War

Heading into week number three of the boys being away at camp, I decided to reflect a bit on the last two weeks sans kids.  I will admit: It has been nice.  Really nice.  Sometimes a little too quiet and others a bit too much time with just Henry and me, but overall REALLY NICE.  Do they have to come back?


I am just kidding.  Sort of.


I mean those kids are such a time suck.  I must have an extra 24 hours a day to do what I want when they are not here.  


My neighbors just had their second baby.  I look at them from afar and remind myself that was me not too long ago.  Walking around like a zombie wondering when I would actually get to take a shower longer than 10 seconds minus a screaming baby on the other side of the curtain.  I remember my best 20 minutes as the proud mom of 2 sons was when my fabulous neighbor, Carolyn, took Jackson off my hands and let him chew gum and play with her cool Jeep.  I don’t even know what I did.  Probably peed in peace. [click to continue…]


crying with relief

I have spent the last few weeks dreaming and fantasizing about what I am going to do while my kids are at camp.  I simply have not come up with one goddamn thing.  Not one goddamn thing.  I immediately think of getting my house back together and organized and my home office all just-so, but I know better.  I know that if I spend the whole time the kids are away cleaning shit, I am going to be resentful.  Really resentful.  They will return back on their bus bursting with tales of good times at camp, and I will be tired and sporting cracked broken nails from cleaning.  Cleaning is way out.


Then, I think that a trip to Italy would be nice or perhaps a mission of some sort to help someone less fortunate whose children are not at camp.  Either of those would work for me, but unfortunately neither is on the docket for the next three weeks.  It is just me and the mister at home with time on our hands.  No rushing to get dinner served, no nagging to do summer reading or study for an upcoming Bar Mitzvah, no fretting over unmade beds and dirty clothes on the floor, and no locking the door (if you know what I mean).  Without all the nagging, fretting, and rushing….that is a lot of time to kill with doing stuff with the door not being locked. [click to continue…]


….Last night my oldest caught my husband and me in a compromising position.  OK, not the kind of compromising you are thinking about, but just kind of necking a bit in the kitchen.  For my son, who is bursting with hormones and the change being ‘upon him’, it was just plain embarrassing.  We are affectionate people, don’t get me wrong, but lately the raging testosterone is simply doing funny things to us all.


...One Can Dream

…One Can Dream


Any who, I got to thinking about life over the last 15 years with my husband and all the different stages we have survived.  From the early days of being in love, young, carefree and ravaging one another to the newborn stage when sleepless nights, spit up, and the inability to even keep one eye open upon getting in bed to the current times in pre-adolescence.  There have been time periods where sparks between the two of us could fly easily like when both our kids nappped and had early bed times.  Now, kids are floating around at all hours of the day and night, not to mention our schedules put us all over the place namely driving the aforementioned preadolescents everywhere.



But enough about me.  How about you?  Ok, never mind, I may or may not want to know (you are saying the same thing about me right now).   [click to continue…]