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Often you will hear those of us with home offices bragging about how great it is…We love the convenience (and working in pj’s).  As a parent with a home office, sick days are not as much of a stressor, late nights are easier to maneuver, and there is no traffic to fight on the way home.


Here is the thing about home officesWhen it is good, they can be oh-so good, but when it is bad – they are EVIL.  EVIL, I said.  Like, after a holiday weekend which is never really a holiday weekend for moms because we are oh-so on duty all weekend.  The holiday weekend which has left our house (which is our other office) in shambles and begging for us to pick it up instead of do our work in our actual office.


Piles of laundry beckon, grocery shopping calls, piles of shoes loom in my way, and games/toys/sports equipment runneth over my floor and mind after a long holiday weekend.  A weekend in which I got very little sleep and even less time to escape into the confines of my home office where I have shit stuff to do.  A lot of stuff to do.


 home office mess



It is pretty impossible to achieve a happy medium with a home office and requires the dilligence of a dog digging up a bone in the backyard.  If I am not pulled into the overwhelming black hole of the rest of the house to attend to whatever it may be that is screaming my name at the moment, then it is sucking me way into the deep confines of its very own black hole.  That is the gravitational pull of all that is work and quiet and ideas and writing and contracts and clients….none of which back talk and all of which offer great reward. [click to continue…]


A couple of times of year, I travel to various happy destinations to [mom] blogging conferences.  In jest, a few of my friends at home always joke with me:  Do you guys even talk at these conferences, or do you just tweet and update to each other on your smart phone?  Hahaha.


Well, big surprise, we really DO get to know one another at these conferences – blogger to blogger, and some of us go on to be famous!  Like have our book published famous, and then I feel so lucky because I knew that writer way back when…That is how I know Tracy Beckerman, author of Lost In Suburbia.  Just for the record, Tracy can talk, and talk is what we did when we met!  Tracy made me laugh, smile, and nearly pee my panties the first time we met!  That is saying something.

 Lost in Sub_REVISE8.20.indd


Being an urban mom, I find Tracy’s suburban humor even a bit funnier than most as she hones in on exactly what I fear MOST about making the leap to the ‘burbs.  So, unlike Tracy who made the trek from Manhattan to Jersey, I stay in my small urban setting.  Tracy found her Manhattan based mentality stuck out in the Jersey ‘burbs and gives a close up of the suburban culture.  From driving in bathrobes to mandatory spa getaways to antidepressants and purse parties, Tracy will make you laugh and cry all at the same time…possibly even snort (no, you would never do that).


Snarky yet real, Tracy uses her own real life ups and downs to relate to her audience. Tracy flushes out what is truly beneath our anxieties using humor and a dose of real life.


Since arriving in the ‘burbs, I had been to a number of home jewelry parties, handbag parties, and bath and kitchen accessory parties.  I figured it was just a matter of time before I was invited to a pill party where we could all exchange prescriptions for Prozac and Ativan.


I did not want to give too much away of the book, so asked Tracy to write something special for me.  A tiny slice of Tracy’s humor, so you want to read (and buy) her book.  I asked Tracy for her words of wisdom on raising tweens and teens since I am heading at 80 mph in that direction.


Tracy already survived this hellish heavenly stage that I am currently entrenched in…Here is what Tracy instructed me to do:


Top Ten Ways to Survive Your Kids’ Tween and Teenage Years [click to continue…]


What is that outside my office window?

Oh, that is blue skies and the sun.

What do I hear?

Birds chirping.

What do I smell?

Flowers blooming.

Know what this means?  Spring is here.  Finally.  After what we can all agree was an exceptionally long winter and Punxsutawney Phil being waaaayyyy wrong, we are finally getting nice weather.  I am officially washing and putting away the winter coats and chucking my UGGS in the back of the closet.  Spring is here.

One day of warmer weather, and I am already eating more fruits and salads and walking the dogs more frequently.  Summer is around the corner, and soon, it will be time for shorts and skirts (gasp).

Rushing from place to place whether it be work or family – related, dashing in and out of the cold, rushing in the shower, and hurrying up to get ready has wreaked havoc on my poor skin this winter.  So, in addition to a little bit lighter eating, I need to get my skin glowing again. [click to continue…]


I have this vague memory of loving, no, not loving, but adoring grocery shopping by MYSELF when the boys were little.  I remember either going to the store when Henry was home or indulging in a sitter to go as being my best luxury.  Something about wandering through the aisles without anyone grabbing me or calling mom was so decadent. I did my best planning and organizing while sifting through the apples or picking which vegetarian fed eggs I wanted.









The aisles of the grocery store were my Cheers where I went and everyone knew my name (or not, but who cared).  I was free to fly with that shopping cart in my hands. [click to continue…]


It’s a Girl!

It’s a Girl!  Ok, so I really just wanted to say those words –  As a mom to only sons, I have upon occasion dreamed those words, and this week, I am excited to help launch Vera Bradley’s new baby line (for girls).   This is doubly exciting because Vera Bradley is one of the most recognizable Mom Entrepreneurs.  I had the pleasure of hearing Barbara Bradley speak last year, and I made it my personal mission to support her business after learning how she laid the foreground for many other moms in business.

The line is adorable and I imagine any of my 3 baby girls cousins would look delish in the outfits and their moms would love the accessories.  In other words, I may shop a bit, too….

In Pittsburgh, we are holding a shower for the new Vera line at Cheeks & Glassworks  (5406 Walnut Street, Shadyside. PA) this Thursday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Vera Bradley Baby Line

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No wimping out now –

Don’t be a namby-pamby.  – That is what my dad always used to tell me.  Lucky for him, I was an adventurous little one and was rarely afraid to try anything.  From the high diving board to the deep water to the rides that went upside down at the amusement park, I was usually game.  I might have been all pink glittery, and girly on the outside, but inside I was a determined daredevil.


From skiing to riding the mechanical bull, I kept the momentum going strong.  Until recently, I realized I was not so brave anymore.  I am a mom with responsibilities and a working gal with commitments, so I settled into a complacent routine of semi-safe adventures.  Let’s just say this:  I grew bored.  I decided I needed a challenge, and distance running it would be….My dad is no longer with me, but his spirit is.


running girl

Not me, but what I picture (whatever helps me finish)


I am heading out-of-town this weekend to run my first half-marathon.  I cannot deny that I am a little scared.  Visions of DNF keep flashing through my mind, but I have to go and do it.  I said I wanted to try it, train for it, and I made it a goal.  My dad would not want me to be a namby-pamby, so I am not going to be one. [click to continue…]


Whether you read it or not, by now you have heard of Fifty Shades of Grey.  Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele captured the minds and thoughts of many women (and men) throughout last year.  Whether it was contemplating if what Grey and Anastasia did was actually possible, wondering what rock one may have been under while not knowing that these types of practices go on fairly frequently, discussing the misogynist theme of the trilogy, or my personal favorite – the British woman who could not be bothered with the series because it was too trashy for her taste (was she that scared of it?), Grey not only dominated Anastasia (sexually) in the book but numerous conversations of women (and men).


Besides the fact that I have a daily chuckle over how many people are googling ‘what does topping from the bottom mean?.’ I continue to be fascinated with 50 and its author, EL James for reasons other than what it may or may not be creating behind closed doors in bedrooms.


True story: I was called by the producers of the Katie Couric show to appear on the episode on 50 Shades and what it was creating in bedrooms in America.  The only catch was this: I had to bring Henry.  Need I say more?  I was not on Katie.


In reality, I was ultimately curious about how James (and others) were doing what others so desperately ached to gain  – success.


romance novels

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