Consulting & Brand Representation

After staying home/working outside the house for 1, 2 or 12 years, many moms are bursting with ideas about what they would like to do when they grow up.

I help moms think about, dissect, and discover their ideas and new potential while suggesting products and techniques that make life better and richer.

We take a look at where you have been and where you want to go, while making sure that YOU take the roles of being a mom that you want to keep with you.

I am an idea scout, transition director, and networking navigator for moms seeking the elusive mom ramp and looking to reinvent after any number of years at home.

Looking to partner with the blog, Back’nGrooveMom, as a connector, promoter, influencer of your brand?

Are you a brand or product looking to connect with Moms?  Moms of school-age children?  Moms of tweens or teens?  Moms who want top-notch for their family?  Who travel? Who run small businesses? Who social network?

I can help you develop a plan to connect with these moms with strategic social networking while being honest, authentic and real.  Social Media allows brands to deliver their products virtually right into the family rooms of today.


For more information, relevant stats, and more details on working with me, email rachelblaufeld (at) me (dot) com