Summer’s Daily Convo:

For the last two days, I have been entertaining annoying my personal friends on The FB with what I consider to be fairly hilarious emails from Pinterest. You know that place where you start looking at pictures of what you imagine your life would look like if you just had 30+ more hours in a day, AND a full staff of people to arrange flowers, clean up your kitchen, and fold your laundry in a picture perfect way before placing it on outstanding, handcrafted shelves they made for you.


pinterest suggests wearing bangs


Well, apparently, Pinterest has a fairly wide-reaching algorithm and has been sending me some funny suggestions for subjects I may want to peruse and pin. Like, Stitching and Wearing Bangs–bang, bang!


Let me say this: I am so crafty that if I started to knit or stitch, I would all of a sudden be sporting bangs thanks to a needle gone wild.

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Sometimes, you just got to go back to your roots––the place where it all started, where you became who you are, find the stuff that molded you to be the way you are. These times that often call for you to head back to the basics, think long and hard about why you do what you do and how to do it better are usually the rough spots, the tough patches, or difficult times. It doesn’t matter if it is difficult mentally, financially, or emotionally…just go back to do doing what you do best. The basics.


I know, I’m speaking in circles, but over the last few days, I was reminded of this lesson. Steeped in stress like a tea bag in hot water on a cold winter’s day, I had to think back to when I essentially became who I am today. Full-time mom, wife/devoted partner, author, inventor, writer, dog-owner, daughter, cousin, friend. All of those pieces make up my pie dripping with flavor and peaches.

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Confirming What I Already Knew:  Coffee is King & Makes me do crazy things.

Confirming What I Already Knew: Coffee is King & Makes Me Say Crazy Things

This has been stuck in my mind for a week and since I am over-caffeinated, I thought I would share.

Stop being “just a _____” and start being whoever the hell you want to be. [click to continue…]

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Its a topic that has surely been beaten into the ground. Deep in the ground, beyond the first and second layers of soil, all the way into unknown territory. It is so deep, we can barely pull it back out. We are wrapped tight, entrenched in, and buried with it. This topic that is.



This being: Why do women have to beat each other up? Not literally, but mentally.



Why tear someone down? Does it make you feel better about yourself?


women sharing cocktails, gossiping

And, that is precisely what is at the root of all this tearing, clawing, scratching, and bashing mental warfare.



We are our own worst enemies as women/wives/partners/moms if we cannot take pride in what we do. Whatever it may be. It could change several times, and at each and every stop, take merit in what you do, and when you don’t––look for a change. STAT.



And, don’t think you are alone. Do not take solace in bringing someone else down when you are in a bad place.



“OOOh, did you hear, she wrote a dirty book?”

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This week is Mother’s Day. You know the one day of the year where we pretend for a single moment in time that life with children, no matter what age[s], is idyllic and sweet. Kids all over, far and wide, in cities and on farms, serve breakfasts in bed, provide foot massages, and draw pictures and write beautiful prose in cards.


Its our day. Mother’s Day.


As a mom firmly entrenched in the mom space for the last thirteen years, whether it be actually being a mom myself, writing about or working with them, or advocating for us, I like to take this day to reflect on the subject.


If I don’t do so, who else will?   With each passing year, May ushers in a moment for me to think on moms, our ideas about moms, my relationship with my very own mother and my children with me, and what I want from the second Sunday in May other than a quiet twenty minutes to drink my coffee.   This year, I found myself eyeing up a pair of earrings. They were really nice, pricey, but understated, ones I would wear every day. I started dropping hints. [click to continue…]


It could be I was a momentary genius or punch-drunk tired, but either way, I had the most ahhhmazing idea last night as I wrote this.


I will admit, I’ve been up for somewhere around 36 hours (publishing this) so this idea could come back to bite me or resurrect all my hysterically funny humor writing here at Back’nGrooveMom where I like to poke fun at mostly myself (and my mom) and well, moms in general. It makes the whole work/life/family balance or lack thereof easier to take.


Which brings me full circle to my fabulous idea. [Two days ago], I enlightened you to one of the funnier convo’s between my mom and me only to have yet an even funnier one today. AND, poof, an idea forms in my head. I need a daily column: the Daily Convo. (with my mom).


The Daily Convo. with BacknGrooveMom, Rachel Blaufeld


I say this beaming with pride as Selena Gomez plays in my office. Right, Selena. Which may or may not be a clue as to whether I am sane at the moment, but I’m running with it.

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This is one of those rare occasions where I will cross-post between here and – Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a habit of it. 


coffee talk with author, Rachel Blaufeld


My mom: Who is this Mara on Facebook and why is she making you cry?


Me: Mom, she’s a fellow blogger, writer who read my book and she liked it so much, she read it straight through in one sitting. It was a good cry.


My Mom: Well, how did she get the book? Is it out?


Me: No, not yet. She got an advanced copy for review purposes.


My Mom: What do you mean?


Me: Well, I have these advanced review copies for bloggers, avid readers/recommenders, and such to read early, help get the ball rolling, stir the media. You know, when you think I am just f-ing around on Facebook? I’m doing a little work.


My Mom: What about family? Do I get a copy?


I think: You don’t have a kindle, nook or the like. Plus, it is a bit dirty. Okay, a lot dirty.


I say: Definitely. Of course, mom. You can proof my paperback copy.


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