my new baby.

It has been a while. A long while since I have updated BacknGrooveMom…you must be worried.


Or not.


Either way, I was sifting through Facebook today, and I noticed one of my friends who recently had her second baby posted the most adorable picture. The caption said something to the effect of: Thank God she is so cute and we love her because she doesn’t sleep.


I thought back to the early days when I had just brought home my second baby, and Yeah, he wasn’t sleeping, and yes, thank whatever God you believe in, he was so adorable because I was downright exhausted. So exhausted, I tripped and broke my foot in three locations.


But, damn that baby was so cute…and, so was my older child. He was cute and handsome with an adorable budding personality. He kept saying, “Look at ME!” at the time, not so quietly reminding us that he was still around despite their being a new baby in our lives.


In fact, he was around first, and he wanted his attention back. He didn’t care that I was tired or that my foot ached. It didn’t bother him that my husband was keeping long hours at the office and then had to come home and not only bathe an infant and a toddler, but lift his wife in and out of the shower.


NOPE. He didn’t care one bit. “Look at ME, mommy!” [click to continue…]


Just this morning, my younger son, who is real funny (most of the time), says to me, “OH , mom…Are you too busy with your blogging?”  He was making a joke, trying to laugh with me over how absolutely overwhelmed I had been around deadlines.  Typically, my frenzy is a case of taking on too much, allowing my perfectionist tendencies take over, and just plain, Jewish Guilt placed on everything I touch.


Nonetheless, his words today pushed a button or two in me because I have been neglecting BacknGrooveMom in 2014…So, like an idiot, I answered him with, “Well, you know what?  I have not even blogged since before winter break…” (na, na, boo, boo).


At this, both of my kids were laughing.  LAUGHING!  Not with me, but at me, because even they get how crazy I make myself.


I mean at the moment this happened, I was running around the kitchen looking for a mint to put in my almost always hysterically funny son’s lunchbox to eat after his tuna (with dried cranberries) salad because I am that CRAZY. [click to continue…]


“I do it” in 2014

As the end of the year approaches, it signifies something coming to a close.  All too often confused with there being a need for a grand ending, a happily ever after, an epilogue with no loose ends, The New Year means something much different to me.  I prefer to look at The New Year as just that—new beginnings, reweaving loose ends, driving towards a better ending or epilogue.


Saying goodbye to 2013 is definitely bittersweet for me.  This was the year that I licensed my product.  Further proof that when one year ends and another begins, there is no telling where it will take one…I finished 2012 believing I was going to manufacture my product on my own.  Well, not on my own, but go into the product business.  At the start of this year, I learned I was much more suited to the creative side of ventures rather than production/shipping/receiving logistics so I threw my hat in the ring looking for a license.

 new year's bubbles

The day I received an offer was one of my top 10 days so far…Someone thought my idea was great, my product name and brand was solid, and they were willing to bet on it all!  As I kiss 2013 goodbye, I also say farewell to my product.  It will be going to market and its fate is in yours’ and others’ hands.


I often have equated my product to being my baby, and it a lot of ways, it is and continues to be…I will worry about it even though it had flew the nest much like my oldest son who just celebrated his Bar Mitzvah.  He is a “man,” yet I still worry myself silly over every move he makes.  Another chapter closed in 2013, the Bar Mitzvah and all the planning and hoopla surrounding it.


The good news is 2014 ushers in new adventures on the heels of this year’s milestones.  For my oldest son, it is greater independence.  For my younger son, 2014 holds lessons in his newest instrument—the electric guitar—and middle school for percussion.  For me, not just watching my product, but my latest venture, a fiction book. 


With a spring book launch staring me in the face, I have been pounding the keyboard, working on my story and rewrites.  Trying to stay focused on two sets of characters because I could not simply write one book at a time—What fun would that be? 


Decisions continue to have to be made like yesterday.  Pen name? Or not? What to call my book? Website design?


No matter what the decisions are—parenting, work related, relationship based—they just have to get made.  Maintaining ownership of choices is so key.  Whether they turn out to be wildly successful in the coming year or turn into a big mess (I like to call that a learning experience), there is something about feeling a sense of accomplishment. [click to continue…]


Thanksgivukkah may be over, but I am an equal opportunist when it comes to holidays.  With Christmas and New Year’s knocking on the door, I found a few fun gifts which I may or may not have already purchased for myself.  What?  As moms, we deserve a nice thing or two or three….


coffee mug with wine


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This past weekend, my oldest son celebrated his Bar-Mitzvah, a right of passage in the Jewish religion marking him as a man.  I have only written about the planning process sparingly as this was HIS event.  I did not want to tarnish my son’s day with it being all about me and my blog and obvious anxiety over no one leaving the party hungry.  If there was one part, I was not anxious about—it was my son.  I knew he was going to rock it, and he did….


As I shared my remarks with JB in temple and I said, 

…Over the years, you have taken the role of first-born very seriously when it comes to Dad and me.  As our first born, you taught us many things.  How to survive on no sleep, stay in shape while chasing a toddler around, to laugh and smile every day – your smile as a little boy was infectious.

As I watched you on the bima this morning, marking yet another first for you, dad and me, today is no exception—This is a first I will never forget.  Our first bar-mitzvah, your first day as a man.

With this idea, I realized that you are about to embark on many firsts. Dad and I are confident you will tackle each one head on…Despite the fact that I will want to give you advice every step of the way, I am certain you are ready to face challenges on your own.


…It became obvious to me that he was going to be retired from this blog.   While I can appreciate he is not old enough to drive, vote, or drink, he is a “man” now.  He owns his own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences, and while I may still have many challenges while parenting him, they do not belong here.He earned his independence this past weekend, and I will grant him that.  More than likely, he will start his own blog, and I look forward to reading it…


Until then, going back to my roots, since this a blog for fabulous, groovy moms, I did compile a list of groovalicious must-haves for Moms of the Bar-Mitzvah Boy to keep handy: [click to continue…]


her stories project featuring Rachel Blaufeld

~Ironic that I started my morning with a conversation surrounding a ladies-only spa getaway and was it even possible on the day of The Her Stories Project launch….or,

NOT. You decide. [click to continue…]


unexpected gratitude

Originally published November 22, 2011, but oh-so meaningful with a Bar-Mitzvah, new opportunities, and old friends on the horizon.


It is 2 days before Thanksgiving, and the pressure is mounting to write the obligatory ‘What I am thankful for’ post.  Gotta be honest, it is probably not going to happen.  I tend to repel the expected, and more often than not, do the opposite.  I recognize that would mean writing a post about ‘What or Whom I could do without…,’ so that is probably not going to happen either (although there are a few items on that list).


I am certainly thankful for the last year.  Inventing a product while writing and growing this blog obviously are both highlights of 2011 for me, and there are so many thank-you’s involved that I could write until Thanksgiving Day.  That is what made me really think about what I wanted to say/write (I do that from time to time), and I came up with this…..


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